Project Updates

Fiscal Year 2016

Tonto National Forest, Cave Creek RD- Desert Vista Trail Rehabilitation 

Award Amount- $321,925.00

Rehabilitate areas of concern for heavy OHV traffic, and to make improvements to areas of Cave Creek RD to create a desireable locale for OHV enthusiasts. .

Town of Eager - Apache County Trail

Award Amount- $296,225.00

Develop a 75+ mile tail that interconnects the three largest communities in Apache County and provides both residents and visitors with an

exceptional outdoor experience. Grant will pay for cultural surveys, trailhead amenities, signage, maps and construction of trail.

Tonto National Forest- Mesa Ranger District Rehabilitation 

Award Amount- $266,923.00

Extend maintenance, rehabilitation, and improvement of OHV routes and impacted areas of the Mesa RD primarily used for OHV recreation.

Coconino National Forest- Kelly Motorized Trail Project

Award Amount- $299,546.00

Construction of single track trail, and road to trail conversion. Also clearence of identified routes, signage of routes and closed areas, fencing. 

Coconino Trail Riders- Kelly Motorized Trail Project

Award Amount- $11,000.00

Fund volunteer trail days, and utilize contractors to complete the Kelly Motorized Trails System

BLM State Office- Travel Management Planning

Award Amount- $475,000.00

Establish and designate motorized trails, purchase and install signage, and provide maps and trail information.

BLM AZ Strip- BLM AZ Strip

Award Amount- $40,000.00

Continue funding temporary travel management coordinator, fund four seasonal interns to assist with travel management implementation, and

pay overtime for additional law enforcement patrols.

White Mountain Open Trails Association- Motorized Trail Map 

Award Amount- $20,539.00

To develop comprehensive map of both motorized and non motorized trails of the Lakeside RD.

Natural Restorations- OHV Area Cleanups 

Natural Restorations

Check out a quick video of our amazing tilt bed trailer built by Knuckle-Busters. It's being put to good use by our Dedicated Restoration Team in the Lower Sycamore OHV Area. This project is...


Award Amount- $156,290.00

Remove trash, graffiti, and anything foreign to the environment from natural areas surrounding OHV trails, routes and areas outlined in the proposal while leaving a minimal footprint.

Association of 4 WD clubs- Communications and Information Program

Award Amount- $65,220.00

To create pilot program that would enhance partnerships between public land managers, motorized recreational users and the general public.


Fiscal Year 2017- July Cycle

Arizona Peace Trail, Inc.AZ Peace Trail Master Plan

Award Amount- $200,000.00

To create master plan that will map out individual trail segments and identify existing and future recreational facilities, points of interest, and

natural/ cultural resources.

Coconino Trail Riders- Kelly Motorized Trail--July 2016

Award Amount- $256,500.00

To hire crews to maintain and construct trails. Also to purchase vehicles and equipment. 

Prescott National Forest- Seven Mile Gulch/Blue Hill Trail Project

Award Amount- $315,871.00

Maintain 19 miles of existing motorized trails, constructing 8 miles of new trail and completing an analysis that will potentially authorize up to

15-30 miles of new single track motorized trails and associated trailhead improvements.

Tonto Recreation Alliance- TRAL/Tonto OHV Route Management 17

Award Amount- $94,404.00

Expand ADAT program while adding a pilot volunteer route maintenance and repair program. Also funding of educational materials to pilot an

educational program.

BLM- Hassayampa Field Office- Hassayampa Field Office LE Grant

Award Amount- $30,000

This product will purchase a Polaris RZR UTV for use by law enforcement in Hassayampa FO OHV use areas. Added equipment will include

a trailer, operator safety equipment, and emergency assistance equipment.

BLM-Lower Sonoran Field Office- Lower Sonoran Field Office LE Grant

Award Amount- $30,000.00

Funding will be used to fund law enforcement rangers to monitor illegal trail use, keep users on approved trails and make area safer and more

enjoyable to the recreational user.

La Paz County- La Paz County Road Patrol

Award Amount- $30,000.00

To patrol off road trails in La Paz County.


Fiscal Year 2017- January Cycle

State Lands- Desert Wells

Award Amount- $88,000.00

Funds from this grant will be used to redesignate the parking/staging area and restrict full-sized vehicles from traveling beyond. The kiosk will be relocated closer to the highway in an effort to reduce vandalism and better signage will be installed. An OHV coordinator will allow theLand Department to better manage this area along with several other areas of State Trust Land that are haveily impacted by OHV use. 

BLM Tucson- Middle Gila Canyon Signage Project

Award Amount- $30,000.00

The Tucson Field office will use awarded funds to purchase a side by side to help monitor trail activity throughout their jurisdiction.

BLM AZ Strip- Route Designation Project

Award Amount- $118,927.00

Establishing route designations for the Mainstreet, Grama, Kanab Plateau, Uinkaret, and Yellowstone Mesa TMAs through NEPA's EA process. Completing TMP's as a guide to how to implement route designation decisions. Producing route maps for the LittleField, Colorado City and St. George TMA's. Installing fiberglass signs and numbering of the routes. Rehabilitating routes in the LittleField, Colorado City and St. George TMA's.

Apache Sitgreaves NF- Lakeside RD Project

Award Amount- $28,250.00

Funds will be used to mitigate damage in the Saffel Canyon area and to restore 5 miles of trail.

Apache Sitgreaves NF- Springerville RD project

Award Amount- $221,940.00

Funds will proivde improved signage, trail conditions, support facititlies and mitigation. 

Wickenburg- Kerkes Trailhead Project

Award Amount- $105,000.00

This project will construct a one-acre OHV/multi-use staging area within close proximity of downtown Wickenburg. It will provide legal

access to the Hassayampa River bed and OHV and multi-use trails. It will provide parking for twenty (20) truck/trailers, restroom, picnic

tables, informational signage, and water.

Fiscal Year 2018- July Cycle

Town of Camp Verde- Ryal Canyon Trailhead Project

Award Amount- $211,600.00

Develop a trailhead on a 4 acre parcel for OHV users to be able to connect to the Ryal Canyon OHV system.

Bouse/Arizona State Parks and Trails- Bouse Staging Area/Campground

Award Amount- $750,000.00

Acquire land for the development of an OHV staging area and campsite in Bouse, Arizona along the Arizona Peace Trail.

NOHVCC- Trail Building Workshop

Award Amount- $17,320.00

Provide a Trial Building workshop to members of the OHV community and local federal and state partners of the NOHVCC.

Town of Kearny- Mescal Mountain OHV Repairs

Award Amount- $65,000.00

Repair damages to popular OHV campsite in Kearny, AZ

USFS- Red Rock Ranger District- White Hills Single Track Project

Award Amount- $44,800.00

Maintain 30 miles of existing OHV trail in the Red Rock section of the Coconino National Forest.


Fiscal Year 2019

Arizona Peace Trail, inc.- Peace Trail Implementation Phase 1

Award Amount- $658,000

Trail Riders of Southern Arizona - Ambassador Education Program

Award Amount- $53,075

Natural Restorations - OHV Restoration Project

Award Amount- $275,330

La Paz County -  Hippy Hole Infrastructure Improvement Project

Award Amount- $137,453

Arizona Game and Fish Department - OHV Safety Education Project

Award Amount- $30,000


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