Beyond Color and Shape Bird Guide with Kathe Anderson

Oracle State Park

October 19, 2018   3:00 p.m. to 6 p.m.

How do they do it? How do some guides immediately know a bird by seeing only a fleeting glimpse or a silhouette? Sure, they usually have lots of experience, but they are considering a variety of other identification clues, like bill shape, habitat, behavior and family resemblance! For a peek into these other elements of bird identification, come to an interactive class, including an on-site field trip…go home with a handout to complete and remind you of what you’ve learned.

The program will begin with a birding class in the Kannally Ranch House living room for 60-70 minutes, followed by a trail walk. We’ll review bird list sightings while enjoying the sunset.

Free with park admission. Please call for a reservation (520) 896-2425.