Bat Night at Oracle State Park

Oracle State Park

June 29, 2019   7:00 p.m.

Meet at the Kannally Ranch House at 7 p.m. for a 30-minute slide show, “Introduction to Bats of Arizona.” 

The talk will be followed by a netting event excursion. The remote netting site will require an easy one-mile round-trip trail hike, however, participants should be prepared for walking on non-level park trail, in the dark, with the help of flashlights and ranger guide. 

Dr. Joel Diamond, Research Ecologist with Arizona Game & Fish, returns with an indoor presentation of “Introduction to Bats of Arizona,” followed by a half-mile trail walk to a bat netting site set up over the wildlife waterhole. Joel will attempt to net bats and allow the public to watch the research measurements taken and share about the species identified before releasing the bats. So far he’s identified species such as the Big Brown bat, Cave Myotis bat, Canyon Cave Bat, Pallid Bat and Leaf Nosed Bat, among others. He hopes Oracle State Park will eventually invest in an Acoustic Monitoring Station on park to facilitate wildlife research.

Please call for a reservation, (520) 896-2425; free with park admission. Bring your own flashlight if you have one!