Four-Wheel Drive Adventures with OHV Show Me Rides

Just outside Eager, Arizona, the sun was slowly setting as we headed south along US 180. With trailer in tow and slow winding roads ahead we rolled down our windows to embrace the cool May air. During the summer months, temperatures in the Alpine area are often 20 degrees cooler than Phoenix so the chilly air was a nice change of us city boys. As we left the pavement and headed towards camp off Three Forks Road we came across several large herds of deer and elk feeding in fields. We stopped for some photos as they meandered along, unbothered by the engine of our truck. We finally arrived to camp just after dark where a fire was already blazing and folks had gathered to share in the excitement of the rides to come.

Man driving an off-highway vehicle on an OHV trail near Big Lake, AZ.Over the next two days we would cover over 100 miles of trail exploring the Big Lake area with our Show Me Ride hosts, the Apache County ATV Club. The rides covered steep mountain terrain, expansive burn areas, a wide variety of lakes, and vast grasslands. Almost all of Arizona offers riders the opportunity to experience nature, history, and wildlife, but riding in the White Mountains is truly special. By the end of the weekend, we had dust in places we didn’t think possible, but had a ton of laughs, enjoyed some delicious food, and took in blend of breathtaking scenery. We were even fortunate enough to come across an abundance of wildlife.

Each night the sky filled with millions of stars and the smell of campfires as we gathered around to share the day's adventures with our fellow riders. Our amazing state is one of the few where we can connect with nature and persue our passions at the same time. As we head towards fall, we're looking forward to hitting the trail with those we’ve met along the way to see new sights and experience new trails with our next rounds of Show Me Rides. You can learn more about the program by visiting the OHV Ambassadors page.


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