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February 2011: AZ OHV Ambassadors Recognition
The AZ OHV Ambassadors Recognition BBQ and trail ride was held at the Tonto National Forest's Needle Rock Recreation Area on Saturday, Feb. 19, 2011. Rain didn't dampen the spirit of this event, which was designed to recognize the 2010 efforts of the Ambassador group. Ambassadors worked for the Hassayampa and Tucson BLM Field Offices and the Tonto Cave Creek Ranger District.

Celebrating the third year of operation, two awards were given by the Hassayampa Field Office's Travel Management Coordinator, Tom Bickauskas. C.R. "Sully" Sullivan received the “Tuff Luv” award to recognize his diverse and consistent work at the Boulders staging area and Hieroglyphic Mountains. Ted Dangler received a Leadership Award for his role in organizing the volunteers and attracting sponsors for the most successful National Public Lands Days event, where 381 volunteers cleaned the Table Mesa Recreation Area. Bickauskas, who created the awards, said, "Ted was instrumental in organizing the Table Mesa Cleanup on November 4, 2010. The cleanup was a big success, largely because of Ted's efforts which began five months before by posting on 38 websites and attracting more than 20 sponsors for door prizes. Several of the door prizes were valued at more than $300. Ted's award was crafted from a melted piece of aluminum which came from the radiator of a burned-out and abandoned car found in the Table Mesa area. This melted metal is a symbol of the type of activity the Ambassadors work to eradicate while improving the image of riders and four-wheelers for generations to come. Ted's regular attendance at AOHVA events and his leading the charge at Table Mesa is an inspiration to others. His enthusiasm shines through his quiet demeanor and it is greatly appreciated.

When describing the volunteer award for Sullivan, Bickauskas announced, "Sully has been a pillar of the Ambassador program at the Boulders and Table Mesa. He took on the challenge of conducting permitted event monitoring with the BLM, trail work at the Boulders and attended all the Meet & Greet events at the Boulders. The significance of Sully's award named ‘Tuff Luv’ comes from the idea that doing the work of the Ambassadors is not all pleasant, but necessary. The results of this work may not be apparent for another generation. The brass knuckles on Sully's award are symbolic of the struggle to bring virtual brass knuckle respect to responsible recreation while fighting off negative attitudes that come from within and outside the community of OHV recreationists. Sully volunteered his time to do trail work, outreach and monitoring, which are necessary to help the BLM manage off-highway vehicle use. Sully first began working towards responsible recreation in the 1960s and he continues today. His efforts are greatly appreciated and his tough love attitude is an inspiration to those around him.” In addition, Sully was honored for having the most volunteer hours with the Hassayampa BLM Field Office, with 45.75 hours. Ken Waun was honored for having the most hours with the Cave Creek Ranger District with 12 hours and Bob Clark was honored for having the most with the BLM Tucson Field Office with 46 hours for Fiscal Year 2010 (Oct ‘09-Sept ’10). Bill Bonn was awarded for having the most hours for the year with an amazing 131.5 hours.

OHV Ambassadors donated 1,840.6 hours and 26,841.6 vehicle miles in 2010 and made 1,373 public contacts, monitored 1,965 miles of trails and recorded 61 abandoned mines. Congratulations to everyone involved in the OHV Ambassador Program! —Chris Gammage, Statewide OHV Ambassador Program Coordinator, BLM Phoenix Division Office


2008 OHV Ambassador Program 
The OHV Ambassador Program was created as a result of the identified need from land agencies and OHV stakeholders to increase on-the-ground OHV management presence.

The Program provides volunteers with the highest level of multi- agency training for OHV volunteers to:

  1. Conduct small projects such as fence repair and sign installation.
  2. Monitor trails to document trail hazards and irresponsible OHV use.
  3. Provide responsible riding information to OHV users at high use OHV staging areas and special events.

Arizona State Parks coordinated the establishment of the OHV Ambassadors. The Arizona Game & Fish Department, U.S. Forest Service, Arizona State Land Department, Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, Arizona State Parks and Ambassadors work in partnership to conduct the three-day OHV Ambassador Orientation training. Agency personnel provide on-site support to volunteers. Equipment such as a statewide education trailer and radios are used to assist with program activities.

The OHV Ambassador Program received national recognition in its pilot stages. It was recognized by Joel Holtrop, Deputy Chief, National Forest System, USDA Forest Service during a House Natural Resources Committee, Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands hearing as an example travel management implementation strategy. The Program contributed to receiving the national American Recreation Coalition Beacon Award and is positively identified through multiple media outlets and publications including the USDI People, Land, and Water publication. The Program was presented at the Arizona Parks and Recreation Association Conference and National Trails Symposium in 2008.

Accomplishments of the OHV Ambassador Program during FY2008 include:

  • Trained 46 OHV Ambassadors (72 Ambassadors trained to date)
  • Ambassadors volunteered 1,211 hours of service = $23,629.00 (at a rate of $19.51/hr.)
  • 3,799 informational contacts made
  • 1,092 miles traveled on-site
  • Conducted 5 site clean ups, 14 meet and greets, 34 trail patrols, 2 trail sustainability workshops, 6 signs/kiosks and repair fencing events
  • Participated in special education events such as the AGFD Outdoor Expo, Boulders Dedication Ceremony, and the Super Bowl

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