Ernest Talks: They Beat the Heat!

McFarland State Historic Park

Thursday, March 7, 2024   11 a.m.

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Ernest Talks: They Beat the Heat! How Arizonans Survived the Heat in the Days Before Air Conditioning with Christine Reid

But it’s a dry heat! Drawing from the multi-cultural influences of the variety of people who helped build Arizona, discover how creative adaptations in lifestyle, architecture, building materials, town planning - and even humor - all contributed to surviving intense desert temperatures.

What have we forgotten and what can we learn from the wisdom of those who came before as climate becomes a vital and daily issue in life today? Using newspaper clippings, anecdotes, and photographs, the story is told about how Arizonans adjusted to life in the desert before the arrival of air conditioners.


About the speaker

Christine Reid is intrigued by Arizona’s diverse and rich Western heritage as a writer and researcher with the Pinal County Historical Society and Community Scholar for the Anthem at Merrill Ranch's lifelong learning program. She continues that deep interest while serving on many of the town of Florence’s heritage projects and agencies. Committed to sharing history in a lively manner, she presents the sometimes hidden or forgotten aspects of Arizona’s characters and history.