Hopi Code Talkers Exhibit Dedication

Homolovi State Park

March 25, 2017   9:30am

Homolovi State Park and its Partners announce the dedication of the Hopi Code Talker Recognition Exhibit.

This exhibit pays honor to America's (Secret) War Heroes of World War II, honoring the ten Hopi Code Talkers of World War II. Ten out of 400 Code Talkers during World War II may not seen significant, but to the Hopi Code Talker's Families the significance is as immense as the mesas and plains the Hopi live today. Eight of the ten Hopi Code Talkers were assigned to the United States Army and United States Army Air Force. The Hopi Code Talkers assigned to the 81st Infantry, 321st, 322d and 323d Regiments. In 1968 the operation of the Code Talkers was declassified, the Hopi however did not disclose the role they played in the victory. Today nearly 50 years after the Code Talker Operation was declassified, we honor the ten Hopi men who developed a code language which they used to assist U.S. Army Intelligence in the Marshall Islands, New Caledonia and the Philippines during the Second World War. This recognition exhibit is presented to the public as a reminder of where we have been and to remember sacrifice of the American Soldier. "The important foundation is that our way of life and our language is so important that it can't be forgotten," Cpl. Wadsworth, Hopi Code Talker.