Funding Opportunities

Motorized and Non-Motorized Trail Projects

Cycle opens October 10, 2018

  • Available Funds: Approximately $2 million will be available to award selected projects.

  • Eligible Applicants: Include non-profits, governmental entities: cities, towns, counties, tribal governments, state and federal agencies. Organizations and clubs may enter into a cooperative agreement with an eligible applicant, (e.g. forest land manager).

  • Eligible Projects: Funding can be used for projects such as trail development, trail maintenance, pedestrian uses (hiking, running, ADA-accessibility improvements-trails, signs, education), bicycling, equestrian, off-road motorcycling, all-terrain vehicle riding, four-wheel driving, or using other off-road motorized vehicles.

  • Grants Due: March 1, 2019


Safety and Environmental Education (SEE)

Available throughout the year.

SEE was developed to promote safety and environmental protection.
  • Development and operation of trail safety education programs/ trail-related environmental education programs.
  • Motorized and non-motorized projects
  • Production of trail related educational materials, whether on information displays, in print, electronic, video, audio, interactive computer displays, brochures and pamphlets.
  • Interpretive panels and costs related to trail interpretation.
  • Provide public with easy access to better and updated information on the accessibility of recreation trails and facilities.
  • $10,000 maximum request.

OHV Supplemental Program

Applications may submitted throughout the year.

  1. OHV Mitigation & Emergency Repairs Grant
    • Repairs to trail due to weather related events/vandalism
  2. OHV Small Grants
    • Contracted trail teams to develop/maintain OHV routes/trails
  3. OHV Law Enforcement Grant (approved quarterly)
    • Law Enforcement/education patrols; Law Enforcement grants are approved on a quarterly basis

Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF)

Cycle opens October 10, 2018

  • Available Funds: $200,000
  • Eligible Applicants: Eligible applicants include governmental entities (cities, towns, counties, tribal governments, state and federal agencies). Non-profits and clubs are not eligible for the LWCF.

  • Eligible Projects: Funding can be used for outdoor recreation facilities; ADA/accessibility upgrades; acquisition of park lands; baseball & soccer fields, bike parks, pools, playground equipment.

  • Grants Due: February 1, 2019

Open Grant Cycles

Documents for the 2018/19 Grant Cycle

  • Grant Timeline PDF

Motorized and Non-Motorized Programs

  • Grants Manual PDF
  • "How-to" guide for completing a grant application (with screenshots). PDF
  • Map and photo examples PDF

Land and Water Conservation Fund

  • Grants Manual PDF

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