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Volunteers are a very important part of any state park's functions and operations. In fact, many of our parks would not be able to operate without their volunteer force. Fort Verde is a unique site   the best preserved Indian Wars era military site in Arizona. As such, all of our buildings are listed on the National Historic Register.

Review our list of positions and contact the Volunteer Coordinator with any questions or concerns.

Volunteer groups portray a variety of roles, including this group that re-enacts the 9th and 10th U.S. Cavalry.

Historical Re-enactors
We can use re-enactors of the Indian Wars era, from the end of the Civil War to the turn of the century, around 1865 to 1899, especially for our two annual events, History of the Soldier in April, and Fort Verde Days in October. But any time you want to come sit on a porch and talk to visitors or practice your craft (leatherwork, etc.) or act as a guide for visitors, you are most welcome. How about having yourself or your group set up for a weekend encampment for your own training or enjoyment? Contact the Volunteer Coordinator for more information.

Historical re-enactors may also be of help at a number of other Arizona State Parks, including Picacho Peak State ParkMcFarland State Historic ParkTubac Presidio State Historic Park, and Dead Horse Ranch State Park.

Fort Verde Volunteer PhotographVolunteer re-enactors also portray non military roles, like this Arizona settler couple. These roles help bring history to life for park visitors.

Front Desk
Greet visitors, describe the history of the Fort and the military time period from the 1870s and 1880s, collect fees and sell items from the bookstore. Many of our front desk volunteers dress in period clothing (not required) and participate in our events throughout the year. A fun job!

As do modern homes, our houses and artifacts need continuous cleaning. A few hours per week of your time will help to keep us sparkling. Our visitors are often surprised to see people in period clothing dusting the furniture!

We spend about 14 hours per week cutting grass and weed-eating. We have trees and mesquite bushes that need trimming and pruning. We would like to plant more shrubs and other plants on the grounds.

These buildings are old! As of 2008, 137 years old to be exact. Plasterers, painters and carpenters and any other talents are all welcome to come help us maintain these historic structures. We also have a lot of fences to move, repair and paint.

Bottom line. You don't have to have lots of talent, just time and an interest to interact with the public and to help us preserve an important historic site. If you can afford four hours once a week or once a month, or more often, give us a call. We appreciate your help and time, and so does the park and the public.

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