Saturday Evening Programs at Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area

Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area

August 25   7:00 p.m.

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Night life takes on a whole new meaning at Fool Hollow Lake's Saturday evening programs! Learn about all the things that fly around the park or just take in the beauty of the night sky in northern Arizona's rim country.

August 11: Wings over Fool Hollow!

Learn about native Arizona raptors, like the bald eagle and the osprey, and how they survive on the fish swimming in the local waters.

August 18: Stargazing

Far from the city lights are the brightest stars in the sky. Marvel at the dazzling array of stars under the clear northern Arizona sky, and identify constellations, planets, and satellites!

August 25: Birds, Birds, Birds!

Learn about all of the charming little birds that call Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area home. From songbirds to sparrows to waterbirds to raptors, Fool Hollow is a fruitful field of fine-feathered friends!

Each program takes place at the amphitheater on the east side of the lake. From the park entrance, take Fools Hollow Road east and follow it around the lake until you reach the three-way intersection, then turn left/west. Parking for the amphitheater is on the north side of the road. Admission to the park is free for Saturday evening program participants.

Arizona State Parks and Trails would like to thank the US Forest Service for their support in coordinating and facilitating these programs. We appreciate your partnership!