Children's Program: Wildlife Detectives

Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area

Saturday, August 27, 2022   4:00 p.m.

Black Bears: August 20 | September 3

About a half hour for children 6-12 years about black bears.  Chronicles the life of a black bear in the form of a story of a black bear that visited Fool Hollow.  Explores how to keep bears from being habituated and staying safe in bear country.

Wildlife Detectives: July 30 | August 27

About a half hour for children 6-12 years about becoming "wildlife detectives."  Because wildlife runs and hides from us, sometimes we must be “detectives” to know what kind of wildlife is around us.  To become a wildlife detective, we learn what wildlife needs to survive, what kind of wildlife clues to look for, and where to look for wildlife.  A good wildlife detective knows what kind of animals are present by the clues they can see and hear.  Includes a scavenger hunt for wildlife clues.

Trees: August 6

About a half hour for children 6-12 years about ponderosa pines.  Ponderosa are more than just a trees, they affect every aspect of White Mountain habitats.  What is a ponderosa pine?  Why does the Southwest have the largest contiguous ponderosa pine forest in the world? The ponderosa pine forests of the White Mountains are communities of plants and animals that are interconnected to create a very diverse habitat.

Rats and Bats: August 13

About a half hour for children 6-12 years about Fool Hollow’s rodents and bats.  Rodents and bats can seem weird, but can be very beneficial wildlife to both people and the environment.  There are a wide variety of rodents at Fool Hollow, including the two largest rodents in North America!  Bats are not rodents and are also beneficial to us and the environment.