Music in the Mountains Concert Series: All Jazzed Up

Catalina State Park

Saturday, June 1, 2019   6 p.m.

Come on out to Catalina State Park for an evening of jazz and swing ballads!  With music nestled in the 30s and 40s, “All Jazzed Up” offers “torch songs” also known as jazz and swing ballads from tin pan alley.  Jo Ann is familiar with many styles of music and plays many instruments. She is drawn to folk, bluegrass and country music of the easy listening variety and also to “torch jazz” because of the emotion and exact precise phrasing of this style, including jazz standards. Steve Smith is an accomplished musician whose guitar prowess is second to none. He studied music at the University of Arizona and can be heard in many musical productions around the Tucson area. Steve can play many styles of music including Latin, flamenco, jazz, and country and plays in a country band called “Flipside” at the famous Tucson Maverick where he can be heard weekly.  Steve is a perfect accent to Jo Ann’s jazz style.