Sunday Guided Hike - East of 50th Year Trail

Catalina State Park

February 25, 2018   8:00 a.m.

Explore the trails of Catalina State Park with experienced hiking guide, Gaston. Hike the 50th year Trail, to and from the Equestrian Center. Please register by 4:00pm Saturday prior to the hike at [email protected]  For safety reasons, four hikers are required for a hike to occur. As hikes depart promptly, please arrive 5 minutes early.  If rain threatens, the guide will phone the registered hiker ASAP or about one hour before the scheduled hike time, whichever comes first.  Please inform the guide of any medical condition, medication, or allergy to Aspirin. Meet at the Equestrian Center trailhead. For directions, inquire at the entrance kiosk and get a free small map.