Plants of the Bible Lands Lecture: Agriculture in Ancient Israel with David Oberpillar

Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park

October 20, 2018   1:30 pm

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David Oberpriller has guided popular “Plants of the Bible Lands" walks around the Arboretum for more than a decade, pointing out plants mentioned in the Bible that can grow and thrive here in AZ, while sharing anecdotes from scripture. Unable to walk as he once could, David has arranged something new for visitors who are also unable to walk the main trail, but would still enjoy learning about plants on this tour.

Referencing ancient documents, archaeological finds, and scripture, David hosts a lecture about agriculture in ancient Israel, repeating January 20 and also February 17 in the lecture room of our historic Smith Building Lecture Room. Describing the presentation, David says "we’ll look at the context of agriculture in ancient Israel, including the geography of the land, the climate, and the agricultural calendar, so we can understand how these things influenced the way the people of the Bible lived, which is reflected in the Bible. We’ll also discuss some of the tools and techniques used in farming, and the crops that were grown and harvested. For such a small land, the variety is surprising. And some of the techniques are still in use today."

Following the lecture, David may lead a short walk to showcase Bible plants that are in gardens near the Smith Building.  Whether you've attended one of David’s guided tours over the years, or have been waiting to enjoy this information as a lecture indoors, here's an excellent introduction to Plants of the Bible Lands!

Meet in the Lecture Room.

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