2015 Arizona Archaeology & Heritage Month

Quartermaster Depot @ QDSHP in Yuma, site of the Archaeology Expo on March 7, 2015.

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Are you ready for the 2015 Arizona Archaeology Expo? Didn't get to go last year? Watch highlights from the 2014 event and make your plans to attend now.

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Fill out the form and return to the SHPO office if you would like to participate in the 2015 Archaeology Expo at Quartermaster Depot SHP on March 7, 2015.

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Archy PosterMarch 2015 Event Calendar

Archaeology events all month long, all throughout Arizona! Note that the “External Link” symbol in the calendar below means a link to an external site that opens in a new window. To learn more, read our External Link Disclaimer. This Listing of Events is sponsored by the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), Arizona State Parks, and the Governor’s Archaeology Advisory Commission. Diligent efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of all information on this calendar; however, there is always the possibility of errors or important changes.

It is advisable to verify event details directly with the venue prior to the event. For more detailed information, call Kris Dobschuetz, Archaeological Compliance Specialist, SHPO, (602) 542-7141 or email kdobschuetz(at)azstateparks.gov.

2013 Archaeology Expo

The Expo provides a special opportunity for visitors to learn more about why it is important to preserve archaeological sites and historic places; what archaeologists, historians, and tribal members do in their jobs; and the prehistory and history of Arizona. Archaeology- and/or history-related, hands-on activities, craft demonstrations, and other fun and educational events will be featured. In addition, Boy Scout and Girl Scout merit badge requirements can be fulfilled at the Expo. Special displays and booths by archaeological and historical organizations, museums, Native American tribes, state and federal agencies, and others will allow you to participate as an archaeologist might in their research today, or make crafts and tools that teach how prehistoric Native Americans and other early inhabitants survived in the Southwest. Demonstrations and interactive activities will help make the past come alive! In addition, information on archaeological sites, museums, and historical period parks in and around the local area will be highlighted.

The Expo will give visitors new insights into Arizona’s many prehistoric, historic, and contemporary cultures, and will help instill a sense of stewardship for our state’s fragile and nonrenewable heritage resources. Download Archaeology Expo Event Flier - Coming Soon

Visiting an Archaeological Site?

Read the Archaeological Site Etiquette Guide (Guide)


Do you want to be more involved with Arizona Archaeology?

Site StewardsThe Arizona Site Steward Program is sponsored by the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) and is an organization of volunteers that aid the public land managers of Arizona by visiting prehistoric and historic archaeological and paleontological sites on public land and reporting any destruction or vandalism that they note. In addition to this site monitoring, Site Stewards are also active in public education through outreach activities. Site Stewards are selected, trained, and certified by the SHPO and the Archaeology Advisory Commission. Learn More.

Site StewardsThe Southwest Archaeology Team, Inc. External Link (SWAT) is affiliated with the Arizona Museum of Natural History and is a group of volunteers who have the following goals: to promote stewardship and conservation of our archaeological heritage; to promote the stabilization and preservations of historic and prehistoric sites; to have an emergency archaeological crew to survey or excavate sites that might be lost if volunteers do not assist with the project; to maintain a membership of archaeologists to supervise the documentation and analysis of the archaeological discoveries; and to involve the public and provide educational opportunities for adults and children. Learn more External Link.

Site StewardsThe Arizona Archaeological Society External Link (AAS) was founded in 1964 to promote and increase public awareness regarding our national archaeological and cultural resources. The goal of the AAS is to protect these antiquities by discouraging exploitation of archaeological resources. AAS has a nationally known training program to train and certify avocational archaeologists who can then work with professional archaeologists. AAS also conducts summer field schools with professionals using research, excavations, and rock art recording techniques. Learn more External Link.

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Central Arizona

Cave Creek


Cordes Junction






Northern Arizona

Camp Verde Area

Flagstaff Area

Fredonia & Page Area

Grand Canyon Area & Peach Springs

Holbrook Area




Williams Area


Southern Arizona






Eastern Arizona


Western Arizona

Lake Havasu

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