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McFarland Construction Blog

Construction Blogby Margy Parisella, Arizona State Parks Architect

Construction is now complete. This Blog will not have further entries.

This Blog updated the public on the status of the courthouse reconstruction project at McFarland State Historic Park which included a structural stabilization of the historic adobe foundation. A new interpretive plan for the park will be introduced once the stabilization is completed. The focus for the new exhibits in the Courthouse will feature Arizona's Territorial history and law and order. The 1882 jail will be reproduced within the courthouse building. Newly updated exhibits about Governor "Mac" McFarland and the World War II Florence POW camp will be displayed in the renovated museum and archives buildings. Check back here for project updates. The latest update will be posted at the top.

October 27, 2009

An open house was held on October 27 that showcased the improvements and repairs made to this historic building. A welcome ceremony was hosted by Renée Bahl, Arizona State Parks Director. Many community members stopped by for the open house.

Foundation Foundation Adobe bricks


August 11, 2009

The foundations for the structurally improved porches have been poured and the framing is in place. Architect and General Contractor have investigated the species and grain of the original wooden porch boards, in order to select the proper replacement boards. The fire and security alarm systems are now also in place. The Left photo shows two windows, an original window on the right and the replica on the left. The center photo shows a window that will be repaired and the bowed sill will be replaced. In the right photo, the adjacent adobe is repaired and is also being restored.

windows windows windows

July 14, 2009

The new adobe bricks stacked on site are for the repair of the 3 remaining large structural cracks. The basal coving around the building is basically complete. The chimneys and roof areas have been repaired. A couple of windows, that could not be repaired (or were missing) have been replaced with replica windows by a local craftsman, Gary. Additional structural support securing the porch roofs to the adobe walls and new framing for the wood porch floors will begin this week.

new adobe bricks basal covingbasal coving porch roofs


July 2, 2009

Adobe work on the building is in its last couple of weeks. The blocks are being "toothed in" to the northeast corner of the building and the new blocks are being set on the original rock foundation in the photos. The old and new blocks will be covered with a lime plaster coat. A large wood lintel has been exposed, the original design called for a new lintel but the structural engineer will now recalculate to reuse this historic wood lintel. The wood porch installation will begin soon.

Northeast corner Adobe Blocks Interior Construction

June 10, 2009

History continues to show clues concerning this building. The photos this week show a splash block from before porches were installed (1909) and an inset wood block that was used to nail the window into place. Various test results for the compressive strengths and the composition of the building's adobe blocks add to the questions of how the building developed. Jim Garrison, State Historic Preservation Officer, was on-site this week.

Exterior construction Interior concrete cases


May 27, 2009

Interior construction work has begun with plaster repairs at the Courtroom where the non-historic wood paneling was removed. Concrete bases for the storm drainage collector boxes are being constructed.

Exterior construction Interior concrete cases

May 19, 2009

The new adobe bricks have completed their curing time and have been tested for appropriate strength. A sample area of adobe patch with these new bricks has been prepared for review by the Architect and Structural Engineer. A section of stone foundations repair has been completed with an appropriate lime mortar mixture. The Architect for this project is Ryden Architects, Inc. and the Structural Engineer is Slaysman Engineering Inc.

Foundation Foundation Adobe bricks

May 12, 2009

The Stabilization Project continues with demolition to expose the foundations, so that reconstruction work can be done to reset the foundation stones and redo the adobe bricks. The wood porches have been removed and will be replaced after the foundation and drainage work is complete. Drainage pipes are being installed to transfer water away from the building.

Porch Foundation

May 1, 2009

The "Notice to Proceed with Construction" was issued on April 22nd for the McFarland Courthouse Stabilization. The General Contractor, John H. Wright & Company, began at 6:30 am on-site. The General Contractor is based in Casa Grande and has completed several successful Historic Preservation Projects in the past. The new adobe bricks are being baked down river from the Florence area from virgin dirt by the Adobe Sub-Contractor, Adobe Technologies.

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